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The website of the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe is live since 2014. The site publishes in five languages (English, French, Dutch, German and Italian) and is a trans boundary interactive platform for all professionals working in the field of risk and compliance, both in the financial world as well as in the corporate environment. Our target group does not only consist of risk and compliance managers, but also general and business managers who in their daily work face the increased risks and increased pressure from both national and international government agencies and regulators.

The different language sites each have their own content, which is different from the other language sites. The website is an open forum, in which the professional visitors may formulate their views.

Risk & Compliance Platform Europe is publishing newsletters in Dutch (more than 9,400 subscribers) and in French (more than 2,700 subscribers), which can be requested free of charge in the language of your choosing. The German newsletter has been launched in August 2016 with more than 1,700 subscribers. Recently, the English newsletter has been launched and the Italian newsletter has also been launched in July 2017.


Risk & Compliance Platform Europe

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