Market Data Management Consultants

Screen Consultants is the leading boutique consulting firm for the Financial Information Services Industry with a special focus on Market & Reference Data and Investment Management Solutions.
  • Optimised market data services & cost
  • Secured market data compliance
  • Best industry practices

Market Data Cost Optimisation

Want to reduce your market data spend by up to 20%?


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Market Data Compliance

Are you compliant with the T&C of agreements of your sources for market data?


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Market Data TCO Benchmarking

Do you know your true market data TCO? Compared to industry peers?


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Market Data Vendor Management

Market data sourcing and procurement issues?


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Market Data Organisational Audit

How well is your market data governance structured?


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Market Data User Profiling

Do your end users have access to the right products & services? And vice versa?


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Market Data Expert Assistance

Need temporary, immediate support with some market data management issues?


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FISD Professional Certification

Want to become a FISD/FIA certified market & reference data specialist?


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Screen Consultants is part of Screen Group, which offers a range of specialised services and solutions for the professional financial information services industry since 1990.

Screen Consultants is recognised as the global leader for market & reference data and investment management solutions advisory services, and known for its market expertise, independence, innovative products & services, and quick response to customer requests.

With offices & partners in all major financial centres Screen has managed more than 750 market & reference data and investment management projects for 500+ clients worldwide.

Screen Consultants is an independent boutique consulting firm with a track record of assisting financial institutions globally with managing business processes, market & reference data management challenges, selection & implementation of specialised information systems, technology and risk & regulatory compliance issues.

Our areas of expertise include strategical and tactical change management, programme & project management and business analysis.

We have a diversified range of consultants with specialised skills, working within the investment banking, asset management, retail banking, insurance, energy and the hedge fund industry.

Market & reference data and investment management solutions are expensive and complex (data variety, functionality, technology, billing). Therefore it needs to be managed professionally.

We want to support the financial information services industry in optimising its operational processes and market data services, as well as right-sizing its investment management systems.

With our innovative products and additional specialist services we want to help any (trading) firm using market & reference data and financial services solutions to flourish.

  • Reduced market data spend by up to 20%
  • Optimised administrative, demand, technology and vendor management
  • Fully compliant with the agreements of your market data vendors and stock exchanges
  • Insight in your true market data TCO – compared to industry standards
  • Effective market data governance framework
  • Work with the best vendors & exchanges – against the best negotiated deals
  • Full transparency& control with respect to your market & reference data inventory
  • Expert onsite assistance & consultancy
  • Firsthand knowledge on market environments, trends, solutions & technologies
  • Value chain optimisation for the investment management industry

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