John Verberkt Screen Consultant

As one of the founding partners of the Screen Group John Verberkt is responsible for the consultancy business. Prior to joining Screen John worked for Datastream International (now part of Thomson Reuters) as Product Manager Investment Accounting. He was responsible for the development of the Continental European market as well as the roll-out of Datastream’s mid- and back-office solutions. He came to Datastream from Rabobank, where he had started his career as Portfolio Manager at Rabobank.

With over 30 years of experience John is a seasoned professional in the financial information services industry. He has a strong commitment to client satisfaction resulting in a lasting, uncompromising commitment to providing the highest level of service possible. Knowledgeable on numerous aspects of a financial organisation, John has deep experience in a wide variety of areas in the investment management arena, ranging from system selection and implementation, via custody moves and processes to audits and closing outsource deals.

A no-nonsense, active, self-motivated and innovative manager with a strong hands-on capability, he has a proven track record of on-time/on-budget delivery.

Market data industry experience

25+ years

Client experience

100+ projects in 20+ countries