XING Kapitalmarkt Kolloquium

XING has more than 10 Million members and is the leading online network in German speaking countries for business contacts. 52 members of the XING network have been assigned to become an Ambassador for a specific sector of the market.

Alexis Eisenhofer is the official Ambassador for the Financial Services segment of XING. This Capital Markets group consists of more than 31.000 members. As spin off this group regularly organizes XING Kapitalmarkt Kolloquien, which are targeted for Institutional Investors and Fund Managers.

Kapitalmarket Kolloquium Screen Markets

Dates and locations

12 November 2018: Munich – Hotel Bayerpost Sofitel
15 November 2018: Düsseldorf – Hotel Interconti
20 November 2018: Stuttgart – Haus der Wirtschaft
21 November 2018: Frankfurt – Hotel Frankfurter Hof

Please visit the dedicated website (XING Kapitalmarkt Kolloquium) for registering and more information on this XING event or contact us directly.

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