Sponsoring Financial Services Events

The Screen Markets events are full-day financial services events in key financial centers around the world. Our one-day events provide an excellent opportunity to meet participants from a wide variety of organisations in the industries that use financial information, trading platforms and supporting products: financial services (broker/dealers, asset managers, custodians, treasury departments, wholesale and retail banking), energy trading, commodity trading and other related sectors.

The exhibition offers data and solutions providers from both the local and global markets the opportunity to present their services to senior market data and information technology executives from firms in the industries listed above. In addition exhibitors use the financial services event to network with their peers and to develop valuable B2B deals.

The financial services conference allows experts in the market to offer their perspectives on a range of relevant issues currently confronting this industry. Presenters come from user firms, vendor organisations and the world of academia and journalism.

Sponsor benefits

  • Direct access to influencers & decision makers in each local market
  • Develop new contacts and business concepts
  • Introduce conference discussing key issues
  • Central location in each region’s financial center
  • Up-to-date delegates list in electronic format
  • All-day networking opportunities

Starting with the first Screen Markets event in 1992, exhibitors and attendees have used the financial service events to network, make new contacts and strengthen existing business relationships. Many exhibitors also introduce new products, services and solutions.

For exhibitors, the financial services event offers a unique platform to present their products and solutions to representatives from the front, middle and back office environments. The Screen Markets events bring together all participants in the financial information services industry, matching demands and requirements with supply and solutions. There is hardly a more efficient way to meet this many potential clients in the space of just one day!

Who exhibits?

Exhibitors include

  • Market and reference data vendors
  • News, research and specialist data providers
  • Solution providers for software and systems in banking, asset management, trading
  • Hardware vendors, telecommunications and network companies
  • Exchanges and trading venues
  • Business intelligence providers
  • Energy research and data providers
  • Credit data management service providers

Why exhibit?

One stop-shop
The Screen Markets events offer attendees the opportunity to meet vendors from across the industry in a single location and in a single day. This attracts senior executives from all types of financial services firms, which gives exhibitors unique access to key decision makers from the markets that they are selling into.


For a better understanding about the typical audience of the Screen Markets events, please have a closer look at a our dedicated ‘Who attends?‘ section.

Interested in exhibiting or sponsoring?

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