Tein Technology


Tein Technology is celebrating its centennial. For more than one hundred years we have cherished our independence while offering a peerless combination of technology and customer dedication – a journey through the years characterized by dialogue, innovation, responsibility and excellence. It’s a century we are especially proud of.


The best from multiple sources

Recently Tein Technology has been able to expand her product range in voice solutions. This results in an optimal portfolio to respond to Tein’s customers’ requirements.

Tein Technology BV has the best and most flexible producers for voice trading and voice recording solutions worldwide: IPC, Etrali, Nice and Verint.

Tein Technology has gained a broad knowledge and a huge experience in building and maintaining voice trading solutions including broker lines and integrations.

Tein Technology now can offer even better solutions for:

  • Voice trading (Front end, back end, BCP/DR)
  • Recording
  • Compliancy (Mifid II)
  • Contact Centers
  • Control rooms
  • Workflow management
  • System integration in existing organizations and infrastructure


Tein Technology

The Netherlands