Inter Visual Systems

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Inter Visual Systems is a system integrator that has been providing professional AV solutions for 45 years. This existence is earned by constantly renewing with passion for technology. The organization consist of more than 90 employees of which more than half are part of the technical organization, which deals with system design, concept development, software engineering, installation and service. We guarantee high quality products and processes according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Our skilled professionals are characterized by creativity in designing total solutions that combine image, sound and automation. The results are user-friendly solutions that maximizes usage and provides efficiency.

With years of experience in the control room market we are able to bring your trading or dealing room to a higher level! Our solutions ensures a more efficient and user-friendly workflow for the trader.

Our solutions offer you the following benefits:

  • Full control and flexibility on screen layouts
  • Ergonomic GUI with easy operation
  • Minimum hardware in the workplace:
    • Reduction of heat generation
    • Reduction of noise
    • No active cooling in the workplace is necessary
    • Centralized management and maintenance of systems
  • Secured connection of systems on separate networks
  • Operating the system with only one keyboard and mouse
  • Minimum latency for real-time view
  • Redundant performance for zero downtime
  • Complete scalable and customizable


Inter Visual Systems

The Netherlands