Market EarlyBird


Market EarlyBird is the fully compliant Twitter client for banks. Twitter has grown up. Leading economists, journalists and finance professionals are Tweeting unique insights, emerging stories, and analysis. Twitter moves markets. But most traders are blocked from Twitter due to very real compliance issues, and even those with access find it impossible to track the important information.

EarlyBird was designed for the trade floor, blocking direct messages and all outgoing Tweets, yet needing no firewall changes and no installation. EarlyBird uses Twitter’s commercial firehose to deliver an enhanced Twitter capability, sorting Tweets by financial relevance and highlighting emerging stories before they “go viral”. Now used by some of the largest investment banks and the smallest hedge funds, EarlyBird is giving traders and analysts a real competitive edge.

Stop by the EarlyBird stand to see how important Twitter has become, and for a free trial on your mobile or laptop.


Market EarlyBird

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