Fleetmatics is a leading global provider of fleet management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing local service fleets, and improve the productivity of their mobile workforces, by extracting actionable business intelligence from real-time and historical vehicle and driver behavioral data.


The Economy in Motion

It’s long been said that the health of the economy is often impacted by the health of small business. As the largest provider of telematics solutions in North America, we have a valuable perspective on the correlation between retail sales and small business activity. So we wondered what exactly our fleet management data cloud, consisting of tens of billions of data points extracted from thousands of commercial fleets using our telematics software, could tell us about the US economy. Inspired by conversations with Dr. Stephen Fuller, leading economist and George Mason University professor, this second edition of FleetBeat finds small business fleet activity – as tracked by Fleetmatics – a strong indicator of economic health, revealing a compelling correlation between US retail sales data and small business fleet activity at both the national and regional level.



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