Screen Group is to open an office in London this summer to accommodate its growing business in the city.

LONDON, July 18, 2016 – Screen Group currently has 25 London-based INFOmatch clients among asset managers, banks, brokers, energy trading firms, and has just signed a “big” managed service contract for a UK-based energy trading firm, says Screen’s chief executive Peter Fruitema, adding that Screen INFOmatch’s growing customer base in the city is now “too big” to manage from abroad.

Changes to the way Screen Group operates in London have also necessitated a fixed presence in the city. “We’ve changed our presence in the London market. Where we used to go via a third party for our market data management software solution (INFOmatch) in the past, we’ve now taken direct control of all our customers. We’re setting up our own company in London, and we’ll have our own people who are working full time on that market,” Fruitema says.

The London office will be headed by Sebastian Smedley-Aston, who has served as Paris-based regional head of business development for the UK and France for three years. Alongside Smedley-Aston, Screen already has four people working full-time in London, and Fruitema says he hopes to recruit additional local staff to work with clients, though how many will depend on how fast Screen is able to build momentum. “On top of INFOmatch, we’re offering managed services, so we’re hoping we will be working for more clients on a more permanent basis.”

Separately, Screen INFOmatch has also signed a deal with investment brokerage company ADM Investor Services. “They’re going from Excel sheets… so they’re starting out with our product to help them manage their market data environment. It’s a big firm globally, so if this goes well in the UK it may mean we partner with them in the other regions as well,” Fruitema says.
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Screen Consultants is the leading boutique consulting firm with a special focus on market & reference data and investment management solutions. Screen Consultants is an independent specialist with a track record of assisting financial institutions globally with managing business processes, market & reference data management challenges, selection & implementation of specialised information systems, technology and risk & regulatory compliance issues.

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