Frank Seinen Screen Consultant

Frank Seinen has 10 years’ experience in the Financial Service Industry. He has been working for Screen Consultants since 2007, with a 2 years ‘break’ where he was responsible for Market Data Consulting at ABN AMRO Bank.

Since he joined Screen he has been involved in over 30 market data related projects in Europe and the US, both buy and sell side. His expertise covers most of the tasks involved with Market & Reference Data Management such as Strategy Definition, Business Analysis & User Profiling, Cost Optimisation, Compliance, Vendor Selection, Procurement and Market Data Organization & Administration.

Frank is a hands-on team player; his analytical and problem solving capabilities together with his communicative and result focused mindset makes him a valuable asset for many clients.

Before joining Screen Consultants Frank worked at ING Bank as a financial advisor and Fortis ASR insurances as risk analyst. He holds a Bachelor Economics degree from Hogeschool Inholland Rotterdam.

Market data industry experience

10+ years

Client experience

30+ projects