Bob Sinnige Screen Consultant

Bob Sinnige joined Screen Consultants in 2002 as senior market data consultant. Prior to working for Screen Consultants he worked for Thomson Financial, Primark and Datastream in various roles, latest heading up Marketing Europe for research services.

Since he joined Screen he has been involved in over 100 market data projects in Europe and the US, both for buy – and sell side. Project themes include cost reduction, reference data, market data, selection and implementation and organization of market data management.

Particular strengths include market front office know-how, vendor solutions and alternatives, end user profiles, project management, problem solving, analytical ability and the skills to communicate effectively internally and externally. Bob is an active, self-motivated project manager with a hands-on capability and a track record of on-time/on-budget delivery.

Market data industry experience

25+ years

Client experience

100+ projects