Arjen van der Sluis Screen Consultant

Arjen van der Sluis joined Screen Consultants as a Market Data Consultant in 2012. Arjen has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry working for a number of banks and Thomson Reuters both in the UK and the Netherlands. His background in banking is Operations & Settlements which helped him to develop a sound knowledge of front-to-back office processes. At Thomson Reuters he gained extensive knowledge of market & reference data, products, services and market players. Arjen’s contribution to Screen will be a thorough understanding of market data management and systems, plus 3 years of management experience.

As a business analyst he has a deep understanding of financial market instruments and derivatives, trading and risk management processes and end user workflows.

Arjen is a strong communicator who is familiar with working across multicultural teams. He is performance driven, pragmatic, has strong analytical skills and prefers to tackle problems with a positive approach rather than to consider them as obstacles.

Market data industry experience

15+ years

Client experience

20+ projects