Market Data Contract Management

To optimise the management of your market & reference data inventory, costs and contracts Screen has developed a comprehensive suite of market & reference data management tools and services, which are represented by Screen’s dedicated label Screen INFOmatch.

Market & reference data contract management system

Screen INFOmatch offers INFOmatch, an innovative cost & contract management system that is used by market & reference data business professionals around the globe to control market & reference data costs, processes and workflows more efficiently.

INFOmatch creates total transparency, ensures ultimate control, guarantees significant cost & time savings (by up to 90%) and reduces risk. It makes sure you are fully compliant with vendor and exchange policies.

INFOmatch supports business critical processes, including market & reference data inventory tracking, manage market & reference data contracts, cost allocation, invoice forecasting & automatic reconciliation, permissioning market & reference data users, reporting on market & reference data and budgeting.

To learn more about INFOmatch, please navigate to our dedicated Screen INFOmatch website >>

Market & reference data managed services

Managing the financial processes supporting market & reference data cost & contract management is not considered to be financial institutions’ core business. Nevertheless the task may not be underestimated, since market & reference data costs are responsible for a considerable portion of the overall budgets.

Screen therefore offers a managed service, Screen Assist managed by our team of market & reference data specialists who guarantee the highest rates of efficiency in managing all your market & reference data vendor and exchange contracts and associated tasks.

Screen Assist is a market & reference data administration service, which includes the following service deliverables:

  • MAC management (moves, additions and cancellations)
  • Invoice checking & reconciliation
  • Contract administration
  • Cost control & reduction
  • Data & product permissioning
  • Budgeting
  • Compliance
  • General ledger / accounts payable
  • Business & vendor reporting

To learn more about outsourcing your contract management, please navigate to our dedicated Screen INFOmatch website >>

Free case study & brochure

To learn more on how INFOmatch can help you to manage your market & reference data environment and optimise your market & reference data spend, please download our free presentation INFOmatch Overview >>

To learn more on how Screen’s managed services can assist you with any (or all) of your market & reference data management needs, please download our free brochure Market Data Managed Services >>

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