Market Data User Profiling

Do the capabilities of displaying market information services match your users’ requirements and vice versa? Are these services ‘must have’ for a variety of user processes or are users merely monitoring markets? Screen can help through market data user profiling!

  • End-user requirements vs products’ functionality (terminals & data sets)
  • Visualisation of your firm’s market data needs
  • Optimised market data demand management processes

Evaluate market data user profiles

User Profiling from Screen enables market data administrators, analysts, procurement teams and business managers to easily evaluate user and desk profiles. Profiling can help financial institutions manage their market data costs and gain greater control by challenging market data requests and reducing market data vendor dependencies. Procurement teams aim to benefit from profiles during their negotiations with vendors where market data analysts tend to use these profiles in their demand discussions with end users.

Effective market data management starts with knowing your user- base!

Screen’s user profiles include

  • Over 60 end-user profiles at the buy-side and sell-side
  • Data and functionality ratings for the complete terminal suite of Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, FactSet and S&P Capital IQ
  • Data and functionality requirements of each user/desk
  • Market data services accessed by each user/desk
  • User dependencies that may prevent straight forward product substitution (data, spreadsheets, applications, trading features, etc.)

Market data user profiling can then be used to visualise data needs and for challenging misconceptions and preconceptions around market data services and advise on alternative services which may not have previously been considered.

Functional user profile

User Profile Functionality

Example: Functional scoring high tier terminals versus a specific user profile

Data user profile

User Profile Data

Example: Data scoring high tier terminals versus a specific user profile

The advantage of a profiling exercise is that it very quickly delivers impartial results and confronts users immediately with their level of sophistication by which they make use of the services on their desk.

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