Market Data TCO Benchmarking

Where do your firm’s market data costs stand, in comparison with its peers? Screen can assist with market data TCO benchmarking!

  • Peer comparison of market data Total Cost of Ownership
  • Spider chart, heat maps & descriptions
  • Industry’s best practises

The Financial Services industry is complex

The Financial Services Industry is known for its complexity in terms of vendors, products, user requirements, agreements and pricing structures. The diversity in terms of alternative vendors and products is enormous and the level of demand from the business due to continuously changing business requirements and vendor offerings put continuous pressure on the Market Data and IT organisation. The industry itself however knows a high level of secrecy due to the lack of transparency and limited exchange of information between participants.

Pressure of market data users

Worldwide internal professionals are under growing pressure of market data users as their requests to the internal organisation are ad hoc, need to be addressed immediately, seem simple but are often very complex (financially, content, technical) and often relate to vendors and products that are not used (yet) in the organisation. Business request not only generate more revenue but often also result in extra costs and they have an impact on many internal departments (such as IT, procurement, support, etc).

Market data costs peer comparison

To manage your costs, you need to know your costs….and those of others! Screen is the first and only market data consultancy to offer a market data TCO benchmarking service, which allows you to compare your market data costs to those of your peers. Screen provides full transparency in your market data over- and under spending, including cost saving opportunities.

Screen will help you gain insight in the position of your organisation, compared to your Peer group in the industry in terms of cost, contractual agreements, services and your market data organisation. In addition, you will get firm recommendations from specialists outlining the actions which will lead to improvement.

Benefits market data TCO benchmarking

  • Benchmarking reduces uncertainty with respect to market data expenditure levels
  • Compare market data TCO cost with a peer group of financial institutions
  • Compare contractual conditions
  • Compare user service profiles

Market data TCO benchmarking is a service for financial institutions using financial market data and information systems. Organisations typically spend huge amounts on market data in order to support investment decisions. Market data TCO benchmarking helps financial institutions in learning about the industry’s best practises.

Free case study

To learn more on how to benchmark your market data services and spend against industry peers, please download our free case study Benchmarking Market Data Services >>

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