Vendor Market Research

Are you a vendor of market data products and services, and are you considering entering new (geographical) markets? Are you looking for an update on your existing market (competition, alternatives, target audience, trends, potential, etc.)? Screen can help with its knowledge and expertise on vendor products and their clients – taking market data research to the next level!

  • Let Screen conduct targeted market research for you
  • Get Screen to compare your intended product offering with those already in the market
  • Obtain Screen’s advice on the best strategies for market entry, product positioning and launch options

Vendor Market Research (/market data research) can be provided in flexible formats and duration.

  • Screen assigns a senior market data consultant to your product marketing team; full-time or part-time
  • Screen assumes full responsibility for a market research assignment
  • Screen facilitates meetings with prospected clients through its events, through round-table sessions and/or through 1-on-1 meetings

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To learn more on how Screen can help you to update your market and competitor information or how to best enter new (geographical) markets, please download our free brochure Vendor Market Research >>

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