Market Data Cost Optimisation

Multiple market data vendors, duplicate functions, demanding users, and intertwined systems create significant challenges for any market data manager. If market data services are also a critical challenge in your day to day business and you find them complicated to manage and control, Screen can assist. Through optimised administrative, demand, technology and vendor management we are able to identify areas for market data cost reduction. Reduce your market data spend by up to 20%!

  • Guaranteed cost savings between 5% and 20%
  • Terminal and non-terminal landscape
  • Administration, Technology, Demand & Vendor Management

300+ market data cost reduction projects

Leveraging our breadth and depth of experience in both the financial markets and operations consulting we implement practical and sustainable solutions that quickly increase service, establish control and reduce costs. Screen has conducted over 300 market data reviews for both world leading financial institutions and smaller firms, and has accomplished a 100% track record in achieving significant cost savings whilst maintaining user satisfaction.

Our global market data cost optimisation projects (Vendor Information Projects – VIP) achieve between 5% and 20% savings within the first year.

Optimising market data services

Screen’s global market data sourcing program optimises the mix of market data services across an organisation.

Our VIP approach is very much focused on optimising Demand Management (usage versus alternative analysis) and optimising Administrative Management (billing, inventory mismatch, compliance).

Screen has been able to service its clients successfully, going far beyond just removing unused exchanges and services by relying more on data content and vendor expertise, tools, procedures and industry benchmarks to qualify which market data services are appropriate and necessary on a user by user basis.

Market data re-distribution reviews

The market data re-distribution review addresses the challenges set by the use of market and reference data in advanced trading models and other applications. Today, financial institutions need to source, manipulate, derive, cleanse, store and distribute data, in numerous ways and on a global scale.

Not only does this involve cutting edge technology, ultra-low-latency data feeds and sophisticated distribution mechanisms, today it also means understanding the stringent legalities around the use of external data, within these complex environments.

Screen has been conducting data re-distribution reviews for many years and we understand the intricacies and complexities of the applications which consume and re-distribute market data. This includes the analysis and evaluation of data used within server-based applications, Excel models, internal databases, intranets, internets and other forms of storage and retrieval facilities.

How Screen can help? Save 20%

Save up to 20% with market data optimisation

Free case studies

To learn more on how Screen can help you to optimise your market data services and to significantly reduce your market data spend, please download our free case study Market Data Optimisation (VIP approach) >>

To learn more on how to reduce you market & reference data cost by switching to a new data feed solution for application Y, please download our free case study Replacement ‘Pricing & Valuation Data Feed’ >>

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