Market Data Organisational Audit

How well is your organisation structured when it comes to professional market & reference data management? Screen can assist with a full, in-depth health check through its market data organisational audit (/market data analysis) service!

  • Get a detailed assessment of the current (“as-is”) governance around market data
  • See where you stand exactly with regard to the 5 key roles of market & reference data management
  • Obtain detailed advise on the areas for improvement

5 key roles of market & reference data management

Our Market Data Organisational Audit service reviews and scores the fives elements of Screen’s market & reference data management organisational model and underlying infrastructure in full detail.

1. Delivery & service management

  • Managing the implemention of new systems and new products
  • Ordering services
  • Managing authorisations (permissioning)
  • Managing inventory system
  • Processing invoices
  • Assisting with internal cost allocation
  • Reporting (internal and external)
  • Assisting with audit preparation

2. Demand management

  • Analysing and validating the end user requirements
  • Understanding the business model(s) of the firm, and how it may change over time
  • Conducting market research on potentially new products, services and solutions
  • Building an under-standing of vendors‘ pricing models, growth strategies

3. Cost, risks & budget management

  • Compiling budgets per data category, per business unit in the firm, and per source of data and products
  • Ensuring that market spend remains within budget
  • Creating cost allocation models to end users
  • Organising user self-certification
  • Ensuring compliance with the T&C‘s of vendors & exchanges
  • Managing exchange and vendors’ audits

4. Vendor management

  • Negotiating with vendor organisations (coverage, T&C‘s, duration)
  • Staying up-to-date with developments at the primary vendor organisations
  • Continuously reviewing and evaluating the preferred supplier status of vendors

5. Strategy development

  • Making market data management plans and strategy, based on the business strategy
  • Defining preferred suppliers for the firm
  • Participating in market data user groups of other financial services firms
  • Benchmarking (comparing) the firm against other firms
  • Defining user profiles for all end users on the business side
5 Key roles of market & reference data management

5 Key Roles Organisational Audit: A visualised example of a bank’s market & reference data management structure & responsibilities (click on the image to enlarge)

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