Investment Management

Screen has many years of experience in the Investment Management industry. Client groups are both buy- and sell side financial organisations, including asset managers, pension funds, banks, brokers and global custodians.

Through experienced investment management consultants Screen offers a variety of services in the Investment Management industry. The core competencies of Screen’s investment management consultants in this market segment are the understanding of the clients business and the associated business core processes through the entire value chain of an Investment Management company. This includes all applications, products and related transactions. Screen continues where traditional or more generic consultants stop because we are specialists who understand the clients’ business.

Our business is to assess, design and improve:

  • The client’s (target) operating model and organisation (business model)
  • The core processes, including the efficiency en effectiveness thereof
  • The alignment of process steps within the core process and the overall process performance
  • The business and IT alignment by evaluating the contribution of the processes, applications and systems in use to the client’s operations and end consumer
  • The cost effectiveness of the clients’ operations, including the option to outsource parts of the operations or seize activities not contributing to the strategy altogether

Investment Management services

Screen’s Investment Management service consists of 4 phases:


In the assessment phase, we will conduct the activities as mentioned in define and measure of the DMAIC model, and benchmark an organisations’ target operating model and core processes against a best practice model. Process items are a key element in this approach where every assessment will be tailored to the client specific needs, position and core services. Regulatory issues and internal compliance rules will be embedded in our activities.

In this phase we already will address possibilities on sourcing, considering the entire value chain and market developments, trends and new business initiatives in the market. Together with our client we scope the activities to be conducted, based upon specific clients needs and possible cooperation with internal departments, where we perform a quick scan on activities already addressed by the clients own staff.

In this service offering we will conduct the following activities:

  • Define client demands
  • Benchmark the current organisations and processes against markets best practices
  • Define the target organisations and core processes (on any detail level)
  • Set milestones
  • Assess current inefficiencies and faults in processes
  • Collect data
  • Signal trends in data and work patterns
  • Visualise the collected information

A clear defined target operating model with the accompanying core business processes, together with an assessment of the current organisation and core processes, including improvement possibilities in both the organisation and processes.


In the Analysis phase we will follow up on the results acquired in the Assessment phase. In case the client has defined a target operating model and associated processes already, Screen will conduct a quick scan to ensure that the starting point of this phase is in line with Screen’s professional standards.

Mostly and preferably we combine this service with our Assessment service, but we can and will offer this service to our clients separately should this be more suitable. The best and most efficient result however will be realised if we combine and execute both phases.

The Analysis offering aims to validate the outcome of previous steps. The analysis is focused on validation of the findings resulting from the Assessment service. Based on the validated data, we will draw up conclusions on the current organisation and processes, whereby points of failure in the current situation will be addressed and analysed. We will also determine the cause of process and activity failures; quantify the effect on the internal operations but most of all on the variation from the clients’ perspective. Secondly, we will determine and elaborate on the cause and effect relations and by doing so, provide a guideline to possible solutions to eliminate failures.

In this service offering, we will perform the following activities:

  • (Perform quick scan)
  • Validate the collected data
  • Present conclusions
  • Determine points of failure
  • Analyse the cause
  • Determine cause and effect relations

Validated opportunities to improve the client’s organisation and core processes. The validation will be supported by exact definitions of areas of failure, cause and effect relations and impact on the client’s business proposition. In this stage we can come up with possible solutions and best practices on core process level. Depending on the level of detail we can draw up a road map for improvement at this stage including organisational changes.

Selection & Implementation

In the Selection service, we will conduct the activities as mentioned in Improve and Control in the DMAIC model and the logical next step in the process after the completion of the Assessment and Analysis activities*.

The next step in improving or redesigning your business is the implementation of improvements in your current processes. This can result in developing and implementing a completely new set of processes combined with organisational changes and replacements of legacy systems by new, state of the art systems to support your business.

We are familiar with the complexity of introducing new processes, especially in combination with selection and implementation of new systems. We have the procedures, templates and know how in place for these complex change processes. This includes the process of selecting and implementing new systems based on RFI and RFP procedures and knowledge of Investment Management software solutions.

Based on the client’s specific needs we can manage the entire selection process, including scoring the answers on your RFI/RFP and provide you with relevant distinctive details on the several offerings. We can advise you in the decision making process and the follow up. Negotiating contracts and identifying the relevant service items to be included in a new Service Level Agreement will be addressed by us. In this stage we will also consider and advise you on the possibility and rationale to outsource (parts of) the processes in your value chain. This means that we will address all possibilities combined with an out of the box approach.

Selection & Implementation includes the following activities:

  • Define improvements
  • Model solutions (organisation or process)
  • Simulate and test
  • Implement solutions
  • Maximise improvements
  • Measure improvements
  • Determine effectiveness
  • Make changes

*As mentioned before we also can work on the outcome of internal assessments and analyses.


The Management service consists of interim-, program- and project management. Where our Assessment, Analysis and Selection services require in-depth knowledge of the business, our Management service provides you with highly skilled staff in program- and project management services.

Our Management specialists all have an investment management background. The expertise in the field of program- and project management and the understanding of our niche market puts Screen Consultants in an ideal position to manage the projects as described in the Assessment, Analysis and Selection phases.

Our program managers focus on delivering program results. A program targets to execute a vision of specific business goals and often will be a combination of several interrelated projects. Our program managers focus on the program target and are able to create the circumstances for an excellent program result. This means that they will often manage the program environment and are able and skilled to deal with items that may influence the program result. Managing stakeholders and organisational entities that are involved in the program is the focus of our program managers.

Our project managers are used to deliver a set of pre-defined results, in a pre-defined time period and within constraints of budget and resources. The projects they manage have a clear defined start and end, with clear defined project deliverables. Our project managers have in depth Investment Management experience and operate from a result and target driven mindset.

With our Management service, in combination with our specialist services, we can offer our client the complete range of activities that will bring their organisation and processes up to markets best practices, putting our client in a clear and sustainable competitive advantage. We will always partner  with our clients and our after-care will ensure the sustainability of the competitive advantages.

Methodology – DMAIC model

DMAIC model

Most of our clients define their operational business and process goals around three main drivers:

  • Efficiency: the need for cost efficient operations, where new or improved organisation and processes can eliminate inefficiencies thus reducing costs in the entire value chain
  • Agility: the ability to reduce the time to develop and market products and services, and the ability to adopt client and market demands quickly
  • Customer demands: the need to focus on customer satisfaction and – by doing so – on customer retention

The common factor in our client goals is the customer centric approach. Screen Consultants  has developed a methodology meeting all our client’s needs which has elements of Business Process Management methods and Lean/Six Sigma techniques, more specifically: the DMAIC technique. This technique is based on the Deming circle and  includes five steps:

  • Define process improvement goals that are consistent with customer demands and the enterprise strategy
  • Measure key aspects of the current process and collect relevant data
  • Analyse the data to verify cause-and-effect relationships. Determine what the relationships are, and attempt to ensure that all factors have been considered.
  • Improve or optimise the process based upon data analysis
  • Control to ensure that any deviations from target, are corrected before they result in defects. Set up pilot runs to establish process capability move on to production, set up control mechanisms and continuously monitor the process.

In Screen’s Investment Management consulting services offering, we use the basis of the DMAIC method. We combine this method with our understanding of the Investment Management industry and where applicable information in our product and vendor databases.

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