Market Data Vendors

Screen has a proven track record of assisting different types of market data providers, including:

  • Originators – directly collected and created data (e.g. Thomson Reuters creating Estimates)
  • Integrators / aggregators – co-mingle sets of third party data (e.g. FactSet aligning with Morningstar delivering fund data)
  • Specialised contributors (originators; direct or indirect) – generally third party ‘broker dealer’ data
  • News agencies / commentators – vendor (e.g. Bloomberg) or independent news agency (e.g. Dow Jones)

It proves that most financial data vendors seek to add value to their content as an originator or aggregator by expertise in data collection & delivery, support & quality controls, timeliness & coverage (normalised global company data and fundamentals from multiple accounting standards), integrating data into one platform (a one stop shop like the Bloomberg terminal) or simply buying competitors to add value (e.g. Thomson Reuters buying Lipper Funds Data, IFR News, StarMine Ratings, Telerate, etc.).

Screen is assisting market data providers in optimising their added value to the market.

Our vendor specific services include

  • Vendor market research – to advise on best strategies for market entry, product positioning and launch options
  • Conducting compliance audits – pre-audit preparation, undertaking the actual audit, post-audit follow-up
  • Contract management & billing – monitor outbound & inbound contracts, analyse revenue & service breakdown, manage all inbound data feeds and automatically invoice customers through our market data management system INFOmatch
  • The Screen Markets events – bringing together the user and market data vendor communities in major financial centers
  • Organising dedicated market data forums & roundtables – a close look at hot issues with experts from the market offering their views and getting feedback from attendees